Sought-After Grace: The Beguiling Charisma of Understated French Manicures

Sought-After Grace: The Beguiling Charisma of Understated French Manicures

The quintessential French manicure, with its pristine white tips and sheer nude base, has been a staple in the nail industry for decades. Known for its sophistication and timeless appeal, it has been worn by women across the globe, from the boardroom to the ballroom. Yet, as with all things in fashion, evolution is inevitable.

Enter the American French manicure.

Understanding the Trend
At its core, the American French manicure takes inspiration from the classic style but introduces softer, muted shades. Instead of the stark contrast between the white tip and the nude base, the American version goes for more subdued, pastel, or neutral tones. Think soft pinks, taupes, and beiges that seamlessly blend into each other, giving the nails a more natural and harmonious appearance.

Why the “Muted” Appeal?
The muted French manicure taps into the modern minimalist aesthetic. It’s a nod to subtlety and elegance, perfect for those who want their nails to make a statement without screaming for attention. The softer tones exude a sense of calm and are versatile enough to be worn with any outfit, for any occasion.

Styling Tips:

  1. Color Choices: Soft rose, muted lavender, or a gentle peach can be excellent choices for the tips, blended into a taupe or beige base.
  2. Texture Play: Add a matte top coat for a contemporary touch.
  3. Accessorize: Tiny gold or silver studs at the base can add a touch of glamour.
  4. Mix & Match: Who says both hands have to match? Go for different muted shades on each hand for a playful yet sophisticated look.

Final Thoughts
The American French manicure, or the muted French, offers a fresh and modern take on an age-old classic. It speaks to those who appreciate understated beauty and are looking for a manicure that’s both trendy and timeless. So, whether you’re gearing up for a casual day out or a grand event, this manicure is sure to add a touch of muted elegance to your look. As with the ever-evolving realm of fashion, nails too find their renaissance, and this trend is proof of that.


What is the Muted French Manicure?
“The muted French manicure is a twist on the classic French mani, creating a seamless blend of both contrasting colors to appear ‘muted,’” explains Amy Ling Lin, Founder & CEO of Sundays. “It’s a great alternative when you’re indecisive and don’t want to opt for a solid color or a French mani. It also creates the look of longer nails, which is always a perk.”

Since the lines are subtle, it puts an elevated spin on a classic French. Celebrity nail artist Elle explains that “any manicure (aka the ‘baby boomer’ or the ombre) where it’s not a stark line to a French” counts as a muted French mani. “You’re either using a finish or color to make a blend, or the colors are very close in shade to each other so it has a monotone effect with definition,” she adds.


The Trend
Though muted French manis are one of the latest barely-there manicures filling our feeds, Elle argues the look isn’t actually new. “I don’t think this is a trend,” she says. “This is a style that’s been worn for many years, since before the ’80s.” She credits its upswing to its low-maintenance factor. “With the baby bare, natural nail movement, I think people don’t want to spend a lot of time coordinating their manicure and wardrobe, so this makes it a given and the grow out won’t be as noticeable,” Elle says.

Lin points out that the muted French mani is essentially no makeup-makeup for your nails, another popular aesthetic that’s still going strong. “I believe this look is trending because it gives the classic French a modern feel and really plugs into that polished, barely there look that we all opt for in the hot summer months,” she says. “I believe the muted French manicure trend stems from the recent Vanilla French Manicure which has a similar soft and blended look. That’s the best part about nail design—it’s a blank canvas for exploring creativity and leaves so much room for updates to the classics that we all know and love.”


Get the Look
Another plus of the muted French mani is its versatility. “I can see this being a great go-to look for any occasion but specifically popular for wedding season,” Lin says. To DIY the style, follow Lin’s tips:

Step 1: “Just like the classic French mani, well-prepared nails are the key to achieving this look,” Lin says. “Start by properly cleaning your nails and removing old nail polish with an acetone-free polish remover like our Pr. 01 ($28).”

Step 2: “Once your nails are prepped and ready, apply a base coat like our B.01 ($18) to help prevent nails from getting stained or yellow, making your mani last longer and avoiding nail polish from chipping,” Lin says.

Step 3: To achieve a muted French mani opt for a sheer neutral color for the base color. “We used two coats of Sundays no. 02 ($18) as the base color and a slightly off white/beige shade like our no. 48 as the French tip,” Lin says. “Depending on your skills you may use a French design brush or tape to paint the tip. Always make sure to allow time in between coats for a seamless finish.”

Step 4: “Finish it off with our T.01 top coat ($18),” Lin says. “As with any manicure, allow time for your nails to fully dry off before getting back to your daily tasks.”


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