Pearly Glossy Nail Polish 【+30 Pearly Nail Designs】

Pearly Glossy Nail Polish 【+30 Pearly Nail Designs】

Glossy nail polish is the definition of flashy and trendy. But this name for your favorite shade comes from a simpler, more everyday meaning and still vividly describes today’s trends.

Alcohol is often used as a solvent that helps speed up the drying process so when durable and long lasting glossies were being developed, ethanol was once again being encouraged in the industry.

Glossy nail polish has been a trend ever since it came to prominence in the 1800s when women started using silver acetate-based glitters, which supported pigmentation without hurting their nails. As we can see, many designers put their own touch on this trend to create new styles each season. Lastly, looking at all these glossy shades made me wonder what there could be next?

Glossy Nail Polish is a an American company that has recently built its business around the product it has invented. The company empowers primary and secondary school students to be creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial with its branded nail polish. It was founded in Eugene by Emmaline Cranckland and Abigail Graves in 2013 after they both shared their love of cosmetics at Oregon State University. Their unique product idea took off from consumers of color that also started to branch out into white-dominated cosmetic platforms that featured trendy colors but unnoticed designs.

In September 2017, Glossy launched preorders for its first box of polishes for general release in November 2017 which features 12 colors along with illustrated 10 more shades of solid colors making it a total of 24 nail polish colors called the “12 for 24” collection. They are planning on releasing the line twice more a year consequently growing from 12 original colors to 72 new color combinations each time.

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Glossy nail polish has gotten a lot of popularity around the world. With this increased trend, nail art has changed too from do-it-at-home ideas to particular nail lines, whole setup and more complex techniques.

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Introductory words: Glossy Nail Polish has gained instant popularity because it is versatile and easy to work with. Let’s see!


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