Neutral Nails: The Nuance That Never Goes Out Of Fashion And Suits Everyone!

Neutral Nails: The Nuance That Never Goes Out Of Fashion And Suits Everyone!

Perfect anytime, anywhere! Yes, we will not be afraid of such a definition, neutral nails 2021-2022, which have acquired even more styles, variations, techniques and solutions of execution in the next season. Nude manicure is very popular with women of all ages, allowing you to create a beautiful nail design that cannot go unnoticed. Trendy neutral nails look flawless, giving elegance and sophistication to women’s hands, whether with short nails or with long, square, oval or almond nails.

neutral french manicure nails

almond nail polish nude colorNude shades are a fairly broad concept that includes a large number of beige tones. Mostly, these are neutral and natural shades that come close to the natural color of the skin. In this regard, nude nails do not stand out much and look as natural as possible. In addition, the trendy nude manicure looks truly luxurious, often becoming the choice of business women, celebrities and women of show business.

Tecniche nails nude

neutral enamel stiletto

The main techniques in nude manicure are represented by various approaches: from the classic gel polish, to the intriguing marble design, “spider line”, molding, moon and French manicure. It is important to remember that each of these techniques is very rare in mono design, very often nude manicure is a combined design that combines several trendy techniques and techniques at the same time.

For every day, a nude manicure is simply perfect in a matte solution, with subtle floral motifs or minimalist designs. If we are talking about festive neutral nails, then rhinestones and shiny decorations in the form of sparkles, transfer film, glossy tape, etc. will be more appropriate here.

Why has nudity become a trend?

almond nails green nude nail polish

Today (as well as several years ago) we hear from all sides the importance and versatility of neutral or nude nail design. Let’s briefly say why everyone likes it so much:

  1. Versatility. Nude manicure suits any occasion, from a strict business style to a cheeky youth. It will never look vulgar or will not fit the image.
  2. Naturalness. As we wrote above, the nude color of the nail polish repeats the natural hue of the nail plate, adding a touch of shine.
  3. Elegance. Whatever one may say, the nude is an eternal classic. It is difficult to imagine a different shade on the nails of women of the British royal family, for example. This is the simplest, but at the same time it says a lot about the color of the nail polish.
  4. Despite the eternal relevance of this color combination, there are many stylish and elegant options for nude designs on the nails, which we will talk about below.

Natural nails – cool pink shade

women's manicure colors autumn winter 2021 2022

This is the same color that is taken as a background for a French manicure. This also includes a translucent light tint base for nails and its derivatives with a richer color. Another association – light blush – represents the same cool pink shade. Of all the possible options here, this one allows you to create as close to the natural look of your nails as possible.

The trends of neutral nails 2021-2022

neutral enamel with floral motifs

Manicure trends 2021-2022 suggest combining nude nail polish with silver and gold decorations. Even the geometry in the nude manicure, the “spider line” design, the “animalier” print in the shape of leopard, zebra, python looks very beautiful.

If you want to create an elegant accent in a trendy nude manicure, you can turn to cute glitter hearts, inscriptions on the nails in the form of a sliding sticker, exquisite twigs and leaves, stamping patterns, scattering of crystals and polka dots on the nude nail.

Semi-permanent short nails

nude nail polish woman

Warm beige nude is when you take yellow, pink, and a lot of white, mix them together and slightly reduce the saturation. Many girls associate warm beige with the color of the foundation. This option will be especially suitable for girls with yellow skin tone. Also, this shade is ideal for short nails. Light colors tend to stretch the nail plate.

French manicure on natural nails

autumn nail polish pastel colors

When it comes to nudity, one cannot fail to mention the French manicure. This sweet couple cannot exist without each other: traditionally, translucent nude shades have been used specifically for a french, so we can thank this design for revealing the beauty and grace of nude shades to the world. Today, a French manicure does not have to be done in its classic form: dilute the nail art with an unusual “smile” line or a bright color.

Nude manicure with gold

nude nail with floral motifs

A modern design that will please real women – this is a nude manicure with a gold decor. The design itself is represented by different types of foil, shiny strips, glitter, and golden rhinestones.

Minimal style nails

skin-colored nail polish with decoration

Classic minimalism is less and less common in modern nail design, but despite this, the masters offer new styles and interpretations of the “minimalism” manicure, loved by many women. So, this time around we offer some trendy nude nails in a matte design with a geometric gradient and a delicate strip of shiny ribbon.

Manicure nude e stretching glitterato

matte nude color nail polish

An elegant, sparkling and delicate nail design was proposed by professional masters, taking as a basis a nude manicure supplementing it with glitter in the form of a gradient elongation. It looks graceful and intriguing at the same time.

Nude manicure and sophisticated “geometry”

neutral nails decoration black polish

The novelties of geometric manicure in the new season are unthinkable without the naked coating of the nails, which simply complement each other perfectly. So, ultra-thin geometric lines and patterns of professional masters are made with the help of “spider web” gel varnish, and if you need an elegant festive nude manicure, you should add some sparkle to the trendy geometric print.

Rhinestones and nude nails

beige nail polish with gold ribbon

Insanely beautiful, spectacular and sophisticated nude manicure for special occasions is presented with inlaid rhinestones. So, mail artists offer several variations of the calculation of rhinestones – in the form of figurines of a triangle, rhombus, crown, snake, and also in the form of a handful of stones. Each style of nude rhinestone nails is gorgeous in its own way and will be a worthy complement to any evening look.

pink nail polish with stripes

french manicure inversa nude

almond manicure pink matte nail polish

smalto gel beige

smalto nude oval

pink and gold enamel

powder pink nails with glitter

milky white nails accent nail

milky white nails

almond-shaped nails abstract design


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