75+ Wedding Nail Ideas For Every Bride, From Frenchies To Dinky Details

75+ Wedding Nail Ideas For Every Bride, From Frenchies To Dinky Details

Obviously, on your wedding day, you want to feel as special as possible. Glam is an important part of that, and so too, are the wedding nails you pick. After all, that fourth finger on your left hand is going to be getting some serious spotlight.

There’s a bunch of different ways you could play bridal nails depending on your style and your aesthetic for the day. You might want to opt for something low-key, but polished to subtly complement your ensemble without drawing attention away from the show-stoppers: the dress, the veil etc.

You might want to use your wedding nails as a way to weave in tiny details that are meaningful to you or your other half – whether that be your initials, a flash of something blue or little logos or motifs that feel personal, such as evil eyes for protection, floral patterns or dinky hearts.

Or, you may well want to use it as another opportunity to be extra. Because you’re only supposed to get married once right? It’s no time for “understated”. For this we love scattered gemstones and pearls or, loud, bold, bright nail art for brides who are the exact opposite of shy and retiring.

Planning to go DIY? Unless you’re a nail art pro, we’d recommend skipping anything too complicated to save stress. There’s a few classic colours that bridal nail artists get asked for time and again. Essie Ballet Slippers is a pretty milky pink that you can build up to a solid colour, or for something more sheer, Essie Allure, creates an almost-white with-a-hint-of-pink (and it’s rumoured to be what Kate Middleton wore on her big day). OPI Put It In Neutral is the perfect balance between beige and baby pink, while OPI’s Bubble Bath is a sheer pink that looks beautiful across a range of skin tones. CND’s shellac in Romantique is a firm favourite for its milky finish, and it also comes in an at-home polish.

As for nail art, we’ve put together the ultimate gallery of designs to suit every bride, from the delicate and dainty, to the bold and badass.


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