55 Perfect Purple Nail Designs for Practically any Occasion

55 Perfect Purple Nail Designs for Practically any Occasion

It doesn’t get much hotter than the color of the year, and with this year’s color being ultraviolet, you are right on trend with fabulous purple nails. A classically royal color choice, purple will always give you a regal feel and sense of power while still maintaining an air of charming femininity, just like french tip nails.

Known for its depth and drama, purple is a color that can be found in something as delicate as a flower, as mighty as a queen, or as sophisticated as a fine wine. Whether your style is artsy, cutesy, or chic, these purple nail designs are totally on fleek.

55 “Berry” Good Purple Nails that are a “Grape” Choice for your Next Look

Having selected purple as your primary color palette, you are already well on your way to a memorable, stand-out look. Although it may come off as exclusive, purple is actually a very approachable color and can complement and be enjoyed by nearly anyone.

Take your time to consider each of your options carefully, and do not be afraid to play around with colors and designs.

Feel free to make these beautiful purple nails your own, or if you prefer, do your best to replicate them shade for shade at home. However, you decide to wear your purple nails, be sure to wear them proud.



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