40 TOP Ideas of Pink and Green Nail Designs

40 TOP Ideas of Pink and Green Nail Designs

Pink and green nail designs are always a very bold idea for your nails. Some of them look contrasting and badass, others have a really soft transition that is super-pleasant for eyes. Anyway, green and pink nails are a new fresh and non-banal fashion idea to try this year.

First of all it is worth mentioning that there are very different shades of green and very different shades of pink nail polishes, that can be combined. A few combinations that are the most popular are the following:

– pink and green ombre nails (neon or pastel);

– pink purple and green nails;

– pink and blue green nails;

– light pink and green nails;

– pink and lime green nails,

…olive green, neon green, mint green, dark green, neon pink, pink red, rose gold – and much more shades. How to choose the one that will satisfy you? Of course, the best and the easiest way to choose your variant of green’n’pink manicure is to look through our selection of photos, pin or screenshot several the most tastiest of them (we’ll explain why not just one), show your nail artist, check nail polishes she/he has in their arsenal (!) and make the final decision. Not easy, as always, but sooo exciting to see the result, right? Time to check out the photos.

– Pink and lime green nails with black dots and flowers.


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