28 Protective Natural Hair Hairstyles You’ll Love

28 Protective Natural Hair Hairstyles You’ll Love

Protective hairstyles are an excellent way to shield natural hair from external factors, while also being a testament to Afro-textured hair’s versatility and beauty. Here are 20 protective hairstyles for natural hair that are both functional and stylish:

  1. Box Braids:
    • Classic and versatile, they can be worn long, short, or even in a bob.
  2. Twists:
    • From Senegalese to Marley twists, they’re easier to install than braids and look absolutely chic.
  3. Cornrows:
    • Can be done straight back, or in intricate patterns and designs.
  4. Bantu Knots:
    • Tiny buns scattered all over the head, they’re both cute and a great way to stretch hair.
  5. Havana Twists:
    • Thicker than Senegalese twists, using twisted hair extensions.
  6. Faux Locs:
    • Gives the appearance of dreadlocks without the commitment.
  7. Flat Twists:
    • Similar to cornrows, but uses a two-strand technique.
  8. Braided Crown:
    • A halo braid that circles the head. A bohemian favorite!
  9. Ghana Braids:
    • Starting from tiny, tight cornrows, they get bigger as they extend.
  10. Crochet Braids:
    • Hair extensions are crocheted into cornrows using a latch hook.
  11. Two-Strand Twists:
    • Simple and easy to do, they can be large or small.
  12. Braided Updo:
    • Elegant and stylish, perfect for formal events.
  13. Pineapple Updo:
    • High ponytail that protects ends and looks playful.
  14. Afro Puff:
    • A high, tight ponytail that showcases the natural afro texture.
  15. Roll, Tuck, and Pin:
    • Rolled sections of the hair are tucked and pinned into place.
  16. Wig:
    • Allows complete protection of natural hair underneath.
  17. Bun:
    • Simple, yet elegant. Protects the ends of hair from exposure.
  18. Yarn Braids:
    • Braids made using yarn. They are lightweight and can be done in any color.
  19. Braided Mohawk:
    • The sides are flat twisted or cornrowed up, and the center is left in a braided or twisted Mohawk.
  20. Head Wraps:
    • An array of colorful cloths wrapped around the hair. Perfect for days when you want to give your hair a complete break.

When opting for protective styles, ensure they’re not too tight, which can cause tension and possible breakage. Regularly moisturize your scalp and give your natural hair a break in between styles. Embrace the diversity of these hairstyles and enjoy the journey of natural hair care! 💚🌀


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