Here are the Best Protective Hairstyles for Ladies You Should Try This Month


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Here are the Best Protective Hairstyles for Ladies You Should Try This Month

Protective hairstyles include hair extensions you attach to or braid with natural hair. They protect your natural hair, particularly the ends, by tucking them into a protective hairstyle. As Africans, hair gets dry and brittle in the harmattan season, which encompasses the Christmas season as well as the New Year. This can lead to split ends and breakage. Protecting your hair is important. Protective hairstyles, such as weave-on, box braids, and cornrows, protect natural hair from damage.


Best Protective Hairstyles for Ladies

1. Cornrow

Traditional braids that are very close to the head. They are done using an upward motion and a steady, continuous row. While cornrows are typically done in straight lines, they can also look great in curvilinear or geometric designs.


There’s also the option of using a headwrap. Although it is not a protective hairstyle the headwrap offers protection against the elements. The headwrap is a beautiful accessory to any outfit, and it is a way for Africans to show their culture.


2. Thread style

This is a great way to protect your hair. It’s quite common in Nigeria. This involves wrapping thread around your hair. It is also used to create sculptural styles.

3. Weave on

If you don’t fall within the above categories and prefer the natural forms of protection styles, we have you covered.


4. Box braids

They are a popular style of hair-braiding that is primarily popular among African people and the African diaspora. This hairstyle can be worn long-term to allow the natural hair to grow.

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