About Me

Hi, I’m Linda. I own this Blog.

I have a husband who loves me very much – of course I love him too – and I have two daughters who can stand on their own feet. There is also a yellow cat with the name of our house, the tiny member Alani.

Our house is not a big house. But I can fit everything, and I enjoy give gifts that I do not need.

I did not have any education in the field of home decoration or interior architecture, or did not have any professional work experience in my business life.

Of course the biggest hobbies of me are to make designs on home decoration. I’ve been trying everything to implement the DIY ideas I’ve seen on blogs for years. At first, I tried to help my friends around as soon as possible. Then came the idea of reaching out to anyone who needed assistance in design and DIY. At first, the greatest fear was that I could not do it because I did not know what it was like to have a page on the internet. However, my dear friend Jenifer and his lovely son Joseph encouraged me to do this and they prepared all the necessary web pages for me to write. Now, all I know write and attach the photographs and publish them, but here I am.

I like to share this DIY and some similar ideas about home decoration and I want these ideas to inspire people who follow me. Biking and reading books are my two great hobbies except for those.

Of course, I do not think I’m very expert in blogging, and there is no such thing. However, with the ideas of my readers every day is getting better. I believe that I have a blog that will be a model for many more enthusiastic readers.

Ever since puberty, I love sewing, cooking, decorating ideas and applying them. Of course I enjoy not only preparing something for my own, but also preparing gifts for my friends and my husband.

Nowadays you can find every product ready, but they are not very successful at reflecting us. I believe that the products I made with my own designs carry a soul from me and that makes me very happy.

The most basic feature that distinguishes human race from other living things is, of course, hand skills as well as speech skill. Thanks to this blog, I also show my hands and have the opportunity to talk with many friends.

This blog was created to share home design, sewing, and sometimes nice dining ideas. At the same time, a great DIY enthusiast is an area of ​​friendship.

Do not hesitate to contact me when you think you can help me. I am also happy to share my experience with a blog, even if I do not understand more than web technologies.

I also read as much as possible about colors and their compatibility with each other. Because the colors are the life itself.

Lively colorful lives.