50 Trendy Ankara Styles For Wedding You'll Love


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50 Trendy Ankara Styles For Wedding You’ll Love

If you’re looking for the latest Ankara styles for a wedding or your owambes, then you’ll like this one. Also, if you’re interested, we have some nice ideas about what to wear to a wedding here, you’ll love them as well.

Fashionistas will agree with us that there are some incredible styles you can see with your Ankara that will make you the center of attention on any occasion, these are styles that are referred to as exotic styles and if you love classy, then you are going to fall for some these styles we have gathered.

Ankara styles are even more interesting with the way designers are adding a twitch or two either to the sleeves or bodice.

Owambe can even become more perfect if you are putting on the right outfit and we have some of the most beautiful styles to help inspire you.

When you have the right style at hand, you will find it easier to accept party invitations as you can’t wait to showcase your beautiful style at the party.

50 Owambe Ankara Styles For Wedding

Fashion Enthusiast does say the right style coupled with the right material instills some party confidence and we think that might be true and here are 50 styles to buttress that point.

1. Off Shoulder Mermaid Gown

Tribal braids are protective hairstyles that can be done by practically any hair type and if they are maintained properly, they do last for a very long time.
Image: @stephaniecole // Instagram

This is a wedding guest Ankara style that leaves no fashion stone unturned. It’s just the kind of classy outfit anyone can rock to a wedding. It is also very stylish and fitting for any elaborate event.

2. Jumpsuit With Kimono

Jumpsuit With Kimono
Image: @eugenedwise // Instagram

Ankara style for a wedding needs to be top-notch and stands out and this is exactly what this style is all about. This is the ideal all-occasion outfit every woman needs in her wardrobe.

3. High Thigh Slit With One Hand Sleeve Gown

High Thigh Slit With One Hand Sleeve Gown
Image: @berbiedoll // Instagram

This hot look can’t be missed, it is the perfect style for an elaborate traditional Ankara wedding. To make it even more interesting, you can have your slit on both sides.

4. Ankara Jumpsuit With Raglan Falling Sleeve

 Ankara Jumpsuit With Raglan Falling Sleeve
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

A jumpsuit is one of the most outstanding styles for any occasion. It tends to stand out with the right style and design. A raglan sleeve is one of the most exciting sleeve styles you can get, it is simple and help you keep things simple.

5. A-line Gown With Cap Sleeve

A-line Gown With Cap Sleeve
Image: @ankaracollections // Instagram

This is another really interesting Ankara style for traditional weddings. Bell sleeves are currently in trend and this style lets you get the full sleeve trend in.

6. Cute Shirt Dress

Cute Shirt Dress
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

One word that comes to mind when you look at this impeccable style is ”Beautiful”. This is another fancy style for all kinds of weeding.

7. Simple A-line Gown

Simple A-line Gown
Image: @thebeverlynaya // Instagram

This is a style that you are sure to love recreating for any occasion. The style is great for any occasion, it allows you to get on the dance floor in style.

8. Off Shoulder Flare Gown

Off Shoulder Flay Gown
Image: @ankaracollections // Instagram

If you are not up for something too fancy then keep it simple with a short flare gown.

9. Off Shoulder Split Ankara

Off Shoulder Split Ankara
Image: @roselynfelli // Instagram

Here is another fancy Ankara style for weddings.

10. Straight Gown With Butterfly Design

 Straight Gown With Butterfly Design
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

This is one of those Ankara styles that get you the center stage on any occasion. It’s simple but with a design like that, it can be rocked to any wedding.

11. Shirt Jumpsuit

Trendy Ankara Styles
Image: @ankaradigest // Instagram

Jumpsuits are fast becoming part of the trend and there are so many ways this can be incorporated into your Ankara styles for an owambe party, this shirt jumpsuit is fashionable and convenient for anyone and practically won’t take forever to sew.

12. One Hand Sleeve Flare Gown

One Hand Sleeve Ankara Gown
Image: @ankara Styles // Instagram

Here is one interesting style you can’t help but love, not too dramatic and free for you to hit the dance floor at any kind of event.

13. Owambe Playsuit

A playsuit could be just as fitting for an owambe as a jumpsuit, this is bold and classy if you are looking for a style that is free and not too dramatic.

14. Fancy Ankara Style With Kimono

Trendy Ankara Styles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

This is simply gorgeous and fitting for all kinds of occasions, you can always have your sleeve whichever way you like and it would still look fancy.

15. Flay Gown With Corporate Bow

Trendy Ankara Styles
Image: @ankarastylesasoebibella // Instagram

Bows are fun and when implemented into an Ankara style the right way, it can be really exciting and fitting for all kinds of owambe.

16. High Waist Skirt With Blazer Jacket

Trendy Ankara Styles
Image: @ariyikedimples // Instagram

A blazer jacket is becoming an interesting outfit to wear to a party, it’s simple and you can have it paired with a palazzo or a penciled skirt as shown above.

17. High Neck Gown With Split

Trendy Ankara Styles

Bold and sexy is the 2020 owambe fashion style you do not want to miss out on.

18. Formal Ankara Style

Trendy Ankara Styles
Image: @style_by_dolaaapo // Instagram

Keep it classy and formal for a more comfortable and easy movement at any kind of wedding.

19. Wrap Ankara Style With Bell Sleeves

Ankara Styles For wedding
Image: @iambisola // Instagram

You can be sure this is a style that is sure to garner attention at any wedding. This is a beautiful wrap dress with bell sleeves to add to its glamour and make it comfortable for anyone to rock.

20. Simple Off Shoulder Mini Gown

Ankara Styles For Wedding
Image: @ankaracelebrities // Instagram

Another interesting style that lets you hit the dance floor with ease and splendor is this simple mini off-shoulder gown.

21. Off Shoulder Icon Gown

Trendy Ankara Style For Weddings
Image: @kemii // Instagram

Elegant wedding style ought to have something that differentiates it from just a casual evening Ankara style and we must say that has been included in this gorgeous gown above.

22. Cap Sleeve Flare Gown

Trendy Ankara Style For Weddings
Image: @stylewithlolaa // Instagram

This is one beautiful micro gown every lady should have tuck somewhere in their wardrobe, perfect for a simple wedding.

23. Empire Gown

Trendy Styles For Weddings
Image: @toyin+abraham // Instagram

Toyin Abraham is an actress with an A fashion game, she has impeccable taste in styles, keeps it classy and trendy, we love the empire recreation style.

24. Two-Piece Flare Gown

Trendy Ankara Style For Weddings
Image: @ankaracollections // Instagram

Keep your Ankara game on top-notch with this exquisite style, seems to be in the trend of late and we must say the look is wowing and cool.

25. Off Shoulder Mini Gown

Trendy Ankara Style For Weddings
Image: @ankaracollections // Instagram

Here is the most comfortable wedding outfit you do not want to miss rocking, we love how simple and comfortable it looks, perfect with sneakers or heels to boot.

26. Open Back Crossed Front Vneck Ankara Gown

ankara styles for wedding
Source: Od9jastyles

This crossed front open back Ankara gown is elegance at its peak, the sleek frock adds some glam to it and you can be sure to get the best-dressed guest at a wedding with a style like this.

27. Butterfly Sleeve Mini Ankara Gown

ankarastyles for wedding
Source: Tuko

This butterfly sleeve mini Ankara gown is a go-to dress for weddings it’s stress-free beautiful and classy, you can easily add your style.

28. Laced Up Ankara Patterned Gown

Ankara wedding styles
Source: Aso Ebi styles

This is a four-in-one kind of dress simple, classy, elegant, and sassy but also it depends on how it is been rocked maybe with a gele to spice it up and change the look.

29. One-Handed Six Pieces Gown

Ankara wedding styles
Source: africansankarafashionstyles.blogspot.com

Attend a wedding in this jaw-dropping one-handed six pieces gown and trust me to be the talk of the party, this is nothing but gorgeous.

30. Offshoulder V.Back ThreeQuarter Gown

Ankara wedding styles
Source: Lab Africa

This V. back off-shoulder three-quarter gown is very simple and elegant super classy in its way, the best thing about this elegant Ankara style is that no matter how you rock it, with or without gele it still makes a statement.

31. Off Shoulder Gown With Tied Sleeves

latest wedding ankara styles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Here is a simple elegant gown that won’t make you look too little or too much, just the right dose of beautiful which makes it perfect for a simple wedding outfit.

32. Short Tub Ball Gown

wedding ankara sttles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

The design is like a ball gown and a mermaid design intertwined, makes it even more adorable and easy for your tailor to recreate.

33. Stylish Fulani Ankara Style

Image: @ankaracollections // Instagram

A perfect qualification could not be found for this Ankara style, we can only say it’s adorable and suit if you want to stand out in a beautiful best-dressed wedding guest style, this is a style that is also very comfortable if you plan to hit the dance floor.

34. Iyabo Ojo In Pattern Ankara With Lace Designs

Latest owambe styles
Image: @ iyaboojofespris // Instagram

Iyabo Ojo is well recognized as a fashion icon and we can say that this style of hers proved the point, very trendy for the right party. Using lace as the front petal’s design makes it look very fascinating and might be difficult to tell if it’s Ankara.

35. Bottom Slide Wavy Gown

Latest Ankara Styles For Wedding
Image: @ ankara_and_fashion_it // Instagram

Who doesn’t like a long wavy gown especially when it is not looking too revealing and shabby, a very convenient outfit to opt for if you do not want to look too dramatic but beautiful.

36. Cross Strap Skirt And Blouse

Latest Owambe styles
Image: @ ankarastyles_and_fashion // Instagram

This style would be a really good fit if you do not want a style that will take your tailor a very long time to sew, it is easy to understand and in the place of the cross straps, you can have a normal long or short sleeve fixed.

37. Jumpsuit With A Flap Cape

Latest Owambe styles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

This is worth loving, a style that speaks class and trend, an obvious standout. Very comfortable to dance with too.

38. Off Shoulder With Edge Designs

Latest owambe styles
Image: @ ink.eze // Instagram

We are rooting for those designs at the edge of the gown, different from the usual styles, a more fashionable and easy to wear off-shoulder too. This has to be one of the finest on our list of Ankara styles for weddings.

39. Alter neck Ankara Straight Gown

Latest Owambe
Image: @ owambearena // Instagram

Alter necks are not always uncomfortable especially if done the right way like the one above, simple and classy. Nothing too dramatic but still splendid.

40. Chic Split Ankara Style

Latest Owambe styles
Image: @ Owambearena // Instagram

Can’t say no to this style especially if you do not mind something spontaneous and charming. This style will surely be making a wave for a long time.

41. English Pattern With Ankara

latest owambe styles
Image: @ ariyikedimples// Instagram

Often we are confused about what style to sew if you do not have enough of the Ankara to make a complete bodice, hence this style is unique and an obvious stand out at a party.

42. Low Bodice With Flip Layers

latest owambe styles
Image: fm_fashion_and_style

We have not decided if it’s the low bodice we find fascinating or the flip layers but you must agree with us that there is something exotic about this style. An ideal style if you like your style with less drama and more glamour.

43. Ankara Gown With An Exposed Sleeves And A Brim Hat

latest ankara styles
Image: @ afrobroidgh// Instagram

This should be referred to as the England style because of the hat, if you are not into hats, scrap it and the style will still be fantastic.

44. African Ankara Style With Fringe

latest owambe style
Image: @ankarastyles_and_fashion // Instagram

When this style is critically analyzed, you will realize the simplicity of it is amazing, a true African style with less drama and comfortable enough to stun a party with.

45. Cross Body Ankara Gown Style

latest owambe style
Image: @ ankarastyles_and_fashion // Instagram

If you are contemplating on what to make of pieces of Ankara that can’t be used as a full bodice or did you share the Ankara with friends and you need a style that stands out, you should not hesitate to take a second look at this style.

46. Ankara Style With Ribbon Design

Latest Ankara Styles
Image: @ afroboldgh // Instagram

Some styles just do not require much stress or overthinking and still turns out amazing, this is one of those styles we are talking about.

47. Ankara Skirt And Blouse With Designs

Image: @ fm_fashion_and_style_4 // Instagram

An interesting style for a party, for skirt and blouse fans, here is a style that can light up the mood at an occasion because the compliments won’t stop rolling in.

48. Ankara Style Long Sleeves And Fringes

latest ankara styles
Image: @ ankarastyles_and_fashion // Instagram

This is simply beautiful and if you d not mind long and flowing gowns, this is just the right style to stun any party. A unique style, the style does all the talking and all you need is the right tailor to sew this.

49. V-necked Gown With Layer Sleeves

Latest owambe styles
Image: @ ankarafashiongallery // Instagram

A little twitch in the sleeves and the bottom might be all you need to make your style different, this is one of the latest styles that gathered lots of attention on Instagram and we are guessing you can’t wait to show your tailor.

50. Long Ankara Gown With Bell Sleeves

latest owambe style
Image: @ latest_ankara_gowns // Instagram

Bell sleeves are becoming more fashionable these days and what better way to have them than with your Ankara material in a simple and loving style. Long gowns are even more respected at owambe and coupled with those bell sleeves, you will be the center of attention.

The best styles are the ones with fewer frills and designs, fancy but not dramatic. These are styles that you can wear to a high-class owambe party and have everyone talking about how fabulous your style is.

We are sure you have a favorite, let us know which is your favorite among these gorgeous Ankara styles. If you want more styles you’ll love the ideas we’ve posted before.

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